How Freelancing Benefits You

Freelancing offers a lot of flexibility and freedom that your regular job cannot offer. As a freelancer you can make choices that fit your personal strengths and needs. In a freelance job, you decide what kind of job you want to do, who you want to work with, your workload, where you work, what time of day and how long you are. All these things are a matter of choice for freelancers. The freelancer decides what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. In short, you are your own boss!

If you are considering choosing a freelancer as your profession, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a freelancer:

1. You handle your workload

One of the great benefits of working as a freelancer is that you can say when you’ve had enough and when you’re tired. If you are dealing with so many customers at the same time, you can delete some at any time to free up your workload.

2. Stay away from office politics

If you are an independent freelancer, office politics will not exist for you. You don’t have to waste time attending meetings and putting pressure on the politics around you. As a freelancer, you can have your own corner office in a certain area of ​​your home and enjoy your work.

3. You can rest anytime

If you feel exhausted at work, you can rest anytime. No one will ask you about these casual breaks. Taking a break, although 15 to 20 minutes, can help you stay energized throughout the day, and it can also improve your concentration level.

4. You have control over your income

As a freelancer you can save a lot of income. You can decide for yourself how much money you want to earn in a month or a week. You can save travel time, other costs and labor costs. For your day-to-day work, you also need to arrange other expenses such as new clothes and transportation costs at regular intervals.

5. You make a new connection

As a freelancer, you meet a few new friends online every day. These people come from different countries and have different cultures. By getting in touch with them, you will learn more about their country.

Benefits of Freelancing: Time

If you’re looking for reasons why you should be a freelancer instead of doing a job you don’t really like, you can get a lot of benefits. One of the best things about becoming a freelancer is that you can become results-oriented. The main reason for this is that if you sit on your hips and watch TV all day, you’re not doing anything. If you want to make money, you have to work. By doing so, this practice taught me to make the most of my work time. In fact, the benefits of freelancers are fruitful.

One of the biggest factors affected by freelancers is their time. The usual reaction from people who never became freelancers is that these people watch TV all day.

But that is not the case for many people. I even know people who don’t even have the time to look at what’s happening in the outside world. Time can be freelancers’ greatest ally, or it can be the enemy. Here are some of the benefits you can get as a freelancer:

you take your time
Once you understand the time, you are more likely to get good results than sitting in an office cubicle for 8 hours. And because your time is precious, you choose to get more and more projects even before the task is completed.

You can work anywhere
As a freelancer you can easily do your work anywhere. All you need is your laptop with you, a stable internet connection and you’re done. You can even continue to travel abroad and still finish your work on time.

“My time” is optional
Before becoming a freelancer, I used to go out with friends and spend money I didn’t have. But when I joined the industry, I used my trusty laptop to spend noisy party nights and simple and quiet nights in cafes. I do this in hopes of earning enough money to celebrate in the future.

Meeting is optional
If you work full-time, your boss can easily call you for an appointment at any time of the day. Even on your rest day, you have to attend a meeting that you didn’t attend. But when you become a freelancer, the only meetings you need to attend are meetings with clients. Even these are easier to manage because you are actually entering information into the event.

Avoid crowded malls
Becoming a freelancer makes it easy for you to pay bills and do some errands without having to deal with crazy work crowds who frequent malls.

No need to commute
On average, it takes up to an hour to get to work in Manila. When this number gets worse, rush hours and traffic are not counted. Working a few hours a day should of course not take up your time, but if you add these hours to a working week, this is already a day’s work and income for you. When you become a freelancer, you will realize that time is money.

You can work when you feel most efficient
When you are in the office, in some cases you will feel tired and sleepy. But you can’t do anything because everyone is watching you. On the other hand, if you decide to become a freelancer, you can take a short nap and wake up feeling rejuvenated to complete another set of tasks. In this way you can turn your tired time into a rest time.

You can still take advantage of the many other benefits of freelancing. By trying the task you will have no problems. Since your career is undergoing massive changes, you can only get so much. Check out my other freelance benefits so you can decide if you want to try this industry.

Trixie Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past year. During this time, she worked with several clients that gave her the opportunity to earn and work. That’s why she decided to share her secrets with people who want to become freelancers through FreelancerSociety. Be sure to follow her blog for more tips!


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