How to crack HPPSC in the first attempt

How to crack HPPSC in the first attempt

Friends, today we are going to discuss the Himachal Pradesh PCS exam in this article, all the posts left after UPSC come under PCS, every year all the states recruit PCS. In 2022 we can get to see the notification of Himachal PCS Recruitment. DGPSDM All these posts come under PCS. The full form of PCS is Provincial Civil Services, PCS is considered to be the biggest post after UPSC.


Eligibility Criteria for Himachal PCS Recruitment
Friends, if you want to apply for Himachal PCS Vacancy, then it is very important for you to have important documents.

graduation degree
Before applying for the PCS form, you must have a graduation degree, if you have completed your graduation degree then you can fill this form.

permanent certificate
A permanent certificate is also sought from the applicant in Himachal PCS Recruitment.

age limit
The age limit should be around 21 to 42 years for Himachal PCS.

Aadhar card
You must have your Aadhar card with you.

Hill Certificate or Himachali
If you come from a hilly area then you must have the certificate. In some vacancies of PCS, a hill certificate is asked from the candidate.

10th and 12th mark sheet
Apart from a graduation degree, it is very important to have class 10th and 12th mark sheets.

Hp PCS Exam Pattern

Friends, before preparing for Himachal PCS, you should know the exam pattern. There are also two exams in PCS, Pre or Mains and Interview. Pre-exam is your 200 marks which candidate clears pre exam after that he/she sits in mains. The main exam consists of a Hindi language, maths, and general knowledge paper. The candidates who pass this exam are then interviewed.

Interview– During the interview, you are asked about your state. Students who pass the interview and mains exam are later sent for training.

How to prepare for Hp PCS

Friends PCS is a very big post. In which you have to work hard day and night to pass the exam. If you prepare well for this exam for 1 year then your exam will be cracked very quickly. For this, you have to pay attention to many things like

First, know about your state
In the PCS exam, first of all, you should know about your state because in PCS the state is asked from beginning to end. You should have knowledge about the cultural, religious and social and geographical, and ancient history of your state.

Indian History and Political Science
After the state, you have to focus on the subject of Indian History and Political Science.
In PCS, questions are asked in-depth from Indian History, so you have to read Indian History from beginning to end. In Political Science, you can read M Laxmikant’s book, in which article-related questions are asked again and again.

Indian Geography and Economics Subjects
In PCS, you are asked important questions from Geography and Economics. Apart from Indian geography, you should also know the geography of the world.

Knowledge of English and Hindi subject
If you want to become a PCS officer then it is very important for you to have knowledge of English and Hindi. In HP PCS, a separate paper is made in the main exam of English which is mandatory to pass.

Focus on Maths and Reasoning
In PCS, almost from tenth class to 12th class mathematics is asked. There is one Mathematics subject in the Preliminary Examination of PCS and one in Mains. So practice maths questions daily and clear all your concepts.

PCS old paper
If you are preparing for this thing then you should refer to the respected state PCS exam papers and you should solve the HP PCS old papers.

current affairs
You should read about 1 year of current affairs. Sometimes four-five questions are asked from current affairs also.

exam time
The Preliminary exam in HPPCS is about 2 hours.

How to make PCS exam strategy
Friends, if you want to clear Himachal PCS Exam without coaching then you can easily clear it sitting at home.

create time table
As soon as you pass your graduation, you can start preparing for the PCS exam. PCS exam is not a small exam, it has in-depth questions asked, for you to read more books and understand the concept. Read subject-wise according to the time.

read newspaper
If you want to clear your current affair concept then you can read the newspaper every day, reading the newspaper will increase your reasoning ability.

Focus more on optional subject
Like UPSC, there is an option of the optional subject in PCS also. You can take any subject other than History Political Science Economics as an optional subject. If you perform well in your optional subject then you will gain merit.

prepare for interview
In PCS, the number of interviews is also added, so you have to focus on the interview as much as possible. You have to explain the answer to their question in simple words.

time management
Manage the time in the examination hall well so that you can answer all the questions well. Don’t bet in a hurry because, in a hurry, many questions go wrong. Questions in the PCS exam are also a bit confusing, so learn to cut the wrong answers to reach the right answer.

Friends, in today’s time online coaching has become very easy, you can easily prepare for Hppsc through many YouTube channels and vision websites sitting at home for free.

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